Zip Curtain Systems

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Have a Fun Time in Your Place with Zip Curtain Systems!

It is a product preferred outdoors due to its simple use. It is extremely important for us that you have a pleasant time with your friends and loved ones.

Resistance to Harsh Weather Conditions

Zip curtain systems It adapts to rainy and windy weather conditions. Due to the material used, it is resistant for many years. At the same time, it is very effective in helping individuals have a comfortable time.

Modern and Aesthetic Appearance

We create the right design for you in line with current trends in terraces and balconies. Your personal preferences and the design of the space in question are evaluated together. In this way, we obtain more aesthetic spaces.

Different Usage According to Weather Changes

Tecglass zip curtain systems It has been subjected to all necessary tests and offered to our customers as a result of superior success and performance. High-level results are achieved, especially in areas experiencing sudden weather changes. Incorporate your outdoor space into your life in all seasons thanks to air and sound insulation tests.

Ability to Control the System with Remote Control

Unlike store curtains, electronic systems are used. It provides practical use with its remote control mechanism. Thanks to its minimal design, it takes up little space in the space. It is subjected to the necessary tests within the scope of international quality standards.

Venue-Specific Design with Different Color Options 

Designed for your needs zip curtain systems, has been preferred by many people in recent years. We develop strategic solutions based on the architectural features of the existing area.

Our European Union Testing Certificates

Zip Curtain Systems
Zip Curtain Systems
Zip Curtain Systems
Zip Curtain Systems

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Zip curtain is a product that receives positive feedback from users in terms of speed and performance. Products with different functions such as blinds, fly screens and roller blinds are collected in a single design. Fabric specially designed against environmental factors is used.

Modern Appearance and Durable Mechanism 

In terms of design, it harmonizes with your outdoor space. You too can have modern and spacious spaces. More livable environments are achieved by reducing the effects of sunlight. Its durability is quite high with its new generation engine system.

Easy Maintenance Advantage

Depending on the fabric type and structure, you can easily carry out cleaning operations. In this way, it can be used for many years.

Zip Curtain Systems

Technicial Specifications

Aesthetic and Modern Design

We care about making your homes and offices look stylish. We create a design suitable for your space with our professional team.

Protection Against External Factors

We produce solutions for adverse weather conditions within the scope of Tecglass assurance. We provide high protection against sunlight, rain and strong winds.

New Generation Curtain Types

We provide service in line with customer satisfaction in terms of quality and product scale. We offer solutions that adapt to city life with zip curtain systems.

Remote Control Technology

It has a practical use with its opening and closing feature. Unlike manual curtains, it provides convenience via remote control.

Transition Between Indoor and Outdoor

It is very effective in producing alternative spaces, especially cafes and restaurants. It creates the transition between the interior and the garden and terrace.

Use of Special Fabric

Curtain fabric with micro holes helps fresh air enter into the available space. More livable and prosperous environments are achieved.

Build a Transparent Wall in Your Life with Tecglass Glass Balcony Systems

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are zip curtains standard sizes?

Tecglass zip curtain is designed in certain dimensions, taking into account the wishes of the users and the characteristics of the space.

Is the zip curtain durable?

As Tecglass, we produce long-lasting glass systems with our experienced team. In this sense, zip curtain systems stand out with quality fabric selection and superior technological facilities.

Is it suitable for outdoor use?

It is specially designed against weather conditions such as sun, wind and rain. For this reason, it is noted that it gives effective results in gardens and terraces.

What is zip curtain fabric?

It is produced from a micro-perforated fabric. Along with its shading feature, it also allows the passage of fresh air.

How to clean the product?

Cleaning products containing substances that do not harm the product are preferred. Application using a soft bristle brush is very important for the durability of the product.

In which areas are zip curtains used?

It is suitable for use in various areas with its stylish and modern appearance. It is preferred in places with different functions such as homes, offices, restaurants and villas.

Disassembled Shipping Advantage

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