Easy Foldable Glass System

The synchronized moving glass system offers an aesthetic appearance and comfort. It has an easy-to-use design with its specially prepared wheel structure. Panels can be integrated into all spaces. If the windows are open, there is no restriction in the space.

How Does the System Work?

The Momentum series stands out among foldable glass systems in terms of ease of use. At the same time, the aesthetic appearance desired by the space owners is achieved. It has various advantages such as taking up little space and similar.

Synchronized folding systems are connected to each other at a single point at the top. If they are moved horizontally, they are folded and closed from the hinge parts. All panels are collected in one place.

Usage areas 

It is frequently used in shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and work areas. Thanks to the new generation locks, the panels can be positioned easily. It is one of the alternative solution possibilities in terms of aesthetics and architecture. It has the feature of protecting the area in question from external factors when closed.


It's Time to Create Pleasant Spaces for Yourself with Tecglass

Aesthetic Carrier Wheel

The wheels used in Tecglass products have proven themselves with their durability and rust resistance.

Reliable and Robust Profiles

Our profiles have proven themselves in terms of safety and will not be damaged during long-term use.

Ground Locks

In movable folding glass systems, the locking process takes place via the ground. There is a barrier layer that prevents dirt from filling into this system.

Easy Locking

The locks placed at the bottom of the panels can be easily opened and closed with the help of the feet.

Folding Hinge

Thanks to the foldable hinges, the glass panels are closed in an integrated manner.

Concealable Positioning

Tecglass can be hidden in necessary places based on the suitability of the place.

Stainless Structures

Special protection methods against corrosion have been developed for the accessories we use. These accessories provide the advantage of long-term use.

Disassembled Shipping Advantage

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