Minimal Sliding System

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Make Your Living Spaces Quality with Minimal Sliding Technology!

Minimal sliding system You can have spacious and peaceful spaces with. There are different usage styles with automatic and manual options. Choose minimal sliding systems for quality and livable outdoor spaces.

High Rates of Heat and Sound Insulation

New generation equipment is used during its construction. Air and heat barriers are placed between the profiles. In this way, you can easily spend time in the terrace and winter garden. You can benefit from the sun for longer periods of time during the winter months. It has preventive properties against sound and similar environmental factors.

Aesthetic and Elegant Appearance 

It provides brighter and more spacious spaces. The necessary glass system is designed according to the architecture of your existing area. We provide services in line with the opinions of our users by Tecglass and our expert team in the field.

Sliding Door System 

Minimal sliding systemcan be used effectively via rails hidden under the flooring. The desired glass design is created by adopting a modern and minimal approach.

Durable and High Quality Product Choice

It is subjected to durability tests in line with globally accepted standards. You can use the products produced under Tecglass assurance for many years. The safety and peace of our users are very important to us.

Special Design for Your Outdoor Spaces

High quality sliding systems help you create the concept you dream of on your balcony. Independent colors can be preferred for exterior and interior profiles. You can have an original and special glass design.

Our European Union Testing Certificates

Minimal Sliding System
Minimal Sliding System
Minimal Sliding System
Minimal Sliding System
Minimal Sliding System

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Tecglass minimal sliding systemoffers various advantages to people. Thanks to its threshold-free mechanism, space is saved. It has passed durability tests and can be used effectively for many years. Additionally, it has preventive properties against environmental factors.

Electronic Retractable System

The systems used in its infrastructure are divided into two: manual and automatic. In recent years, glass designs that can be opened and closed with a remote control are frequently preferred. It stands out with its new generation mechanism and practical use.

Bright Spaces with Large Glass Surfaces

It stands out from its counterparts with its profiles hidden in the wall and its minimal design. It makes the area appear larger and brighter than it actually is. At the same time, it increases the quality of time spent with its modern design.

Minimal Sliding System

Technicial Specifications

New Generation Wheel Mechanism

It is preferred due to its ease of use compared to similar glass systems. It stands out among the sliding wheel mechanisms with its advanced infrastructure.

Modern and Minimal Design

With the Tecglass difference minimal sliding system You can achieve the design you dream of with us. With its aesthetic and modern design, it is suitable for use in different areas such as home, office and garden.

Profile Dimensions for the Desired Design

You can achieve the glass design you desire with aluminum panels in various colors. Glass systems in different profile sizes are installed by our experienced team.

Heat and Sound Barrier

Thanks to advanced equipment, a high level of sound and heat insulation is achieved. It minimizes noise and similar factors. Livable environments are achieved by adapting to summer and winter conditions in a short time.

Bright and Spacious Living Spaces

Glass panels with a large surface are included in the minimal sliding system. In this way, it helps the environment in question to benefit from sunlight at a higher rate.

Electronic On/Off Feature

Its automatic technical infrastructure provides advantages to users in many ways. Glass systems can be opened and closed with a single control movement. It is noted that there is a high level of customer satisfaction.

Build a Transparent Wall in Your Life with Tecglass Glass Balcony Systems

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we choose a minimal sliding system outdoors?

Under the assurance of Tecglass, it provides many advantages in outdoor spaces and balconies. It is preferred due to its easy use and durable mechanism.

Do minimal sliding systems leak water?

It provides high protection against adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow.

How to use remote controlled infrastructure?

Thanks to its new generation mechanism, it has some different aspects compared to manual systems. It has a practical opening and closing feature with a remote control.

What is the rust and durability status of the mechanism?

As Tecglass, we use materials with the latest technological infrastructure. Our products are subjected to internationally valid tests.

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