Slide Master Sliding with Insulating Glass Feature

Many Features in One

Providing superior performance in terms of ease of use, sliding glass balconies are one step ahead of their competitors in terms of heat and sound insulation. This system, which has defied the years thanks to its aesthetic appearance and original design, stands out with its quality and security elements. Sliding concept glass balconies, which are used in every area, have achieved serious success in terms of reliability and durability.

This system, which has proven itself in terms of reliability thanks to its special locking system, is available to customers with double and single glass options.

Comfort and Concept Together

Designed with high security elements in mind, the sliding glass system offers a comfortable experience to its users. This specially designed bearing-adjusted system can robustly adapt to the surface it is placed on. This system, which has achieved serious results in terms of friction and sound insulation, is compatible with all weather conditions.

Superior Insulation Concept

With the assurance of Tecglass, your home will be cool in the summer months and warm in the warm winter months. Thanks to its double glazing feature, it provides superior thermal insulation compared to single-layer glass.

All Corners Open

This concept, specially designed for angular spaces, will provide you with a completely open and spacious look due to the absence of combination panels.

European Union Test Certificate

Slide Master Sliding with Insulating Glass Feature

Build a Transparent Wall in Your Life with Tecglass Glass Balcony Systems

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Building Information

Various Glass Designs

Insulation levels are at the highest level thanks to the glass sizes in different thicknesses you need.

Secure Lock Options

High level security measures are taken with the reliable lock method. There is also a specially designed child lock option.

Easy Use with Rail System

Thanks to the rail system, rails of the desired length can be designed according to the type of space. Thanks to these rails, superior ease of use will be provided.

Stainless Structure

Stainless surfaces are used in bearing and rail sets. These surfaces provide the advantage of long use.

Slide Master Sliding with Insulating Glass Feature

How the System Works...

There are separate panels in the Tecglass railed glass balcony system with double glazing feature. Each of these panels moves on separate rails. These panels, which are integrated with each other when the head panel is closed, move depending on each other. The opening process occurs in the same way. The system can automatically shut down when it reaches the full closing part.

Slide Master Sliding with Insulating Glass Feature

Technicial Specifications

Internal and External Cleaning

Thanks to the special wing system, all wings can be separated from each other. Thanks to these specially positioned wings, it can be easily wiped from both the interior and exterior.

Additional Curtain and Fly Screen Integration

If desired, an additional curtain and fly screen system can be integrated into the outer rail area. Thanks to this, users are offered the option of sun protection or a stylish design.

Special Water Drainage System

Thanks to the discharge channels on the profiles, superior success in water tightness is provided. Thanks to these channels located at the bottom and inside, water that may leak inside is prevented.

Disassembled Shipping Advantage

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