Guillotine Glass Balcony System

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Guillotine glass balcony systems are an electronic system. This system, which has a removable form, can be turned on and off with a remote control. It is an advantageous and extremely practical system as it does not take up space when opened.

This system, which provides high-level performance in terms of air, water and impact resistance, provides unlocked security thanks to its special security system.

Guillotine Glass Balcony System

The full balcony system received one of the most prestigious awards in Europe. Red Dot Product Design Award was deemed worthy of the award.

Guillotine Glass Balcony System

Adding a new one to its full balcony successes, it is the Oscar winner of its sector. Golden Plumbtook .

Guillotine Glass Balcony System

The full balcony is resistant to air, water, impact and wind. European Union test certificates has.

Guillotine Glass Balcony System

Uzaktan kumandalı ve %100 silinebilir bir yapıya sahip olan Tam Balkon sistemi It is a patented design of Albert Genau at home and abroad.

The Difference of Guillotine Glass Systems

Guillotine Glass Balcony System

Superior Technology: Thanks to remote control controls, it has a system that automatically opens and closes without the need for any physical operation. Additionally, thanks to this system, you can automatically stop it at any interval you want.

Superior Performance: Techglass has proven its success in air, water, wind, heat and sound insulation and has been tested under difficult conditions and offered to users.

Original Design: We stand out with our products produced at European standards and designs that keep up with today's style and concept.

Security precautions

Thanks to the preventive system against hand and finger pinching, we continue our journey with a reliable technology approach.

Guillotine Glass Balcony System

Technicial Specifications

Fully Automatic

Thanks to the technology it contains, all functions of the system can be managed with a single command.

Quiet, Comfortable Movement

Our Guillotine Glass Balcony system is silent during movement, like other systems.


Guillotine glass balcony systems are tested under difficult conditions and provide complete security and protection.


Thanks to the drainage channels in the profiles, it does not leak water.

Easy to Clean

Guillotine glass balcony systems can be easily cleaned both inside and outside.

Stain-Proof Glass

Specially prepared stain-resistant paints are used on guillotine glass balcony systems.

Quick Mount

Specially produced panels are installed quickly and easily.

Against Interruptions

Effective solution against power outages thanks to the UPS system.

Disassembled Shipping Advantage

Dünyanın dört bir yanındaki iş ortaklarımıza ve müşterilerimize bütün cam sistemlerini dilerseniz demonte halde %100 montaja uygun olarak gönderiyoruz.

Demonte cam balkon siparişleriniz öncelikle fabrikalarımızda montajlanır ve sizin de zorlanmadan kurabileceğiniz şekilde kurulum kılavuzu ile %100 montaja uygun demonte halde gönderilir. Montaj işlemini siz tarafınızca bizden bilgi ve destek alarak kolayca yapabilirsiniz.

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