Frequently Asked Questions

Tecglass Foldable Glass Balcony

Are Glass Balconies in Standard Dimensions?

Tecglass glass balconies can be designed as desired and specifically for your balcony.

Can Glass Balcony Be Done from Every Angle?

Thanks to Tecglass glass panel systems, glass balconies and panels can be processed to suit every angle. This process can also be applied to oval balconies.

Where Can Glass Balcony Be Used?

Glass balcony system can be used in all areas. It can be used in areas such as homes, restaurants, gyms and shopping malls. It can also be used to cover the winter garden and any area other than the balcony.

Is It Possible for Glass to Break in the Wind?

All the glasses we use are products that have been subjected to the necessary weather conditions and impact tests and have been successfully completed. It is resistant to severe weather conditions.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Having a Glass Balcony?

The quality of the material you choose during the glass balcony stage is very important. The installation of the systems you will specifically choose, depending on the area of use, should be carried out by professionals. Otherwise, you will get an inefficient result.

Is There Sound Insulation in Glass Balconies?

Our glass balconies achieve successful results in sound insulation.

Does the Glass Balcony Process Be a Problem in Terms of Zoning Management?

You can easily use the foldable glass balcony system on all your balconies. It does not require any permission process.

Can We Use Color in the Glass Balcony System?

Various color options are available in glass balcony systems. There are dark colored glass types to block the view from the outside.

Is the Glass Balcony System Long-Lasting?

Tecglass glass balcony systems are under 2-year warranty. The materials we use in our systems are of high quality. It is suitable for long-term use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Build a Transparent Wall in Your Life with Tecglass Glass Balcony Systems

You can learn the answer to any question you may have from our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Glass Balconies Leak Water?

Su sızdırma durumu yüzey ve hava koşullarına göre değişiklik gösterebilir. Normal şartlarda %99 oranında su sızdırmaz. Tahliye kanalları sayesinde bulunan su dışarıya aktarılabilir.

Does Glass Balcony Rust?

The quality materials we use do not rust. Our products have a 2-year warranty.

Is It Easy to Clean the Windows After the Glass Balcony Process?

Since the glass can be collected, its interior and exterior surfaces can be easily wiped.

How Long Does the Glass Balcony Installation Process Take?

After the necessary measurements are taken, the manufacturing process begins. This process takes approximately 15 days. This period may vary depending on the product group. Our team will contact you after the manufacturing process.

Is There Heat Insulation in Glass Balconies?

Thanks to the high quality materials used, glass balconies have thermal insulation features.

Can the Glass Balcony System Be Used Inside the Home?

You can use glass balcony systems and all our other models in your home.

Is the Glass Balcony System Reliable?

Glass balcony systems are designed to protect both the individuals inside the house and you from external influences. Thanks to special child lock systems, high security measures are taken for your children.

Can Glass Balcony System Be Used in Winter Gardens?

The glass balcony system can be integrated with our special handrail systems. You have many options for your outdoor spaces.

Is Glass Balcony Easy to Use?

All our models are easy to use for customer satisfaction. We have models with many different uses depending on your needs.


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