As a structure that has achieved successful work in its sector, it continues on its way with confident steps thanks to the opportunities it offers to its customers. Tecglass It makes a name for itself thanks to the solutions it offers. With over 30 years of experience and reliable staff glass balcony, folding glass systems And handrail systems As a company with a wide range of products, it has undertaken to offer the fastest, most reliable and useful products in line with the demands of its customers.

Continuing its path with an innovative and modern design approach, and determined to create unique signatures in every project, Tecglass It aims to provide a convenient and quality service while delivering used plates and products to its customers. It is a structure that provides services in more than 60 countries and provides a successful service in every sense thanks to its special engineers, paying attention to all the details in the project development and implementation phase, and it consists of a structure that adheres to ethical and moral values very meticulously.

As the Dealer of AlbertGenau Company, the Best in the World in Glass Systems, we are proud to provide you with the best service.


We are happy to deliver the products we produce to our customers in the fastest and most accurate steps, keeping security factors at the forefront. With our superior quality approach and professional staff, we are at your service at every moment, before and after sales, in the most accurate way.


We are growing day by day and taking firm steps forward as a brand that has taken it upon ourselves to create the most suitable space for our customers on this path that we proceed with a quality and innovative service approach, and that takes the right steps towards this goal.

Build a Transparent Wall in Your Life with Tecglass Glass Balcony Systems

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