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Folding Glass Balcony Products

Folding glass balconies All your open spaces will turn into usable spaces. These glasses, which have an aesthetic appearance, stand out with their ease of use and durability.

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Sliding Glass Balcony Products

Produced in accordance with European standards glass balcony Our systems are preferred for private areas. This system, used in winter gardens, pergolas and institutional areas, is the choice of people who are fond of style.

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Guillotine Glass Balcony Products

This system, which provides users with a remote-controlled automatic experience, is preferred by people thanks to its security and simple use.

AlbertGenau Assurance

Tecglass serves as the dealer of the world-famous Albert Genau company in the field of glass balcony systems. Our company, with its striking architectural designs glass balcony systems It aims to create an up-to-date style for your field. We transform your unused areas into a new form in terms of aesthetic appearance and ease of use. We care about your safety as well as making your life easier with world-class high-level security measures.

Thanks to our expert team, we not only have our products at the most affordable prices, but also ensure long-term use with our stainless equipment. Thanks to our support team, we are happy to be with our customers after sales and installation.

Disassembled Shipping Advantage

Dünyanın dört bir yanındaki iş ortaklarımıza ve müşterilerimize bütün cam sistemlerini dilerseniz demonte halde %100 montaja uygun olarak gönderiyoruz.

Demonte cam balkon siparişleriniz öncelikle fabrikalarımızda montajlanır ve sizin de zorlanmadan kurabileceğiniz şekilde kurulum kılavuzu ile %100 montaja uygun demonte halde gönderilir. Montaj işlemini siz tarafınızca bizden bilgi ve destek alarak kolayca yapabilirsiniz.

We are with you in every field


All our products are produced at world standards quality. It has been subjected to all necessary tests for the health and safety of our customers.

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Earn New Areas

Glass balcony systems Add new areas to your life thanks to it. High double glazed glass systems Your energy saving level is at maximum level.

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Wind Resistance

AlbertGenau glass balcony products Wind permeability performance is at the highest level. Our products also offer superior comfort environments thanks to sound insulation.

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Sound Insulation

Superior Sound Control

Glass balcony systems Thanks to this, it is possible to add a peaceful space to your home. High sound insulation glass systems The first choice of crowded places.

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Light Transmittance

Feel the Solar Energy

Thanks to AlbertGenau glass systems, solar energy fills your home. Thanks to their transparent glass structure, your balconies are closer to nature.

As the Dealer of AlbertGenau Company, the Best in the World in Glass Systems, we are proud to provide you with the best service.

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Double Glazed Guillotine Glass Balcony

With vertical opening feature guillotine glass balcony It offers users a comfortable experience with its automatic opening system. This system, which is also used as a railing, provides balanced thermal insulation in all seasons thanks to its superior thermal insulation.

Superior safety measures are provided with the reliable engine system and steel rope shaft cylinders. It is possible to stop it at any desired position thanks to the remote control.

Foldable Glass Balconies

Foldable glass balcony Their styles make your balcony a useful room. Thanks to its superior insulation technology, it provides superior success and performance in sound and heat insulation.

These structures, designed using special stainless steels, provide long-term use. It offers users a safe and comfortable future thanks to its high level of security measures.

Glass balcony systems To get information about us and benefit from our campaigns, you can contact us by filling out the information below.

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